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Unlock the power of Salesforce and give your business the data, insights, and automation it needs to win.

Salesforce Consulting Services

All of your Salesforce services in one place

At DuxburyTech we offer Salesforce consulting services aimed to kickstart your company’s growth, either by implementing a new business-tailored solution or improving an existing implementation. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your business processes in order to fully understand your business’ main problems and challenges. We shall examine all provided data and explore alternatives with the
intent of providing you with recommendations to optimize business processes and reach your goals in a more efficient manner.

Our consulting services are aimed at optimizing your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Regardless of industry, you can count on certified professionals and countless years of experience to guide you along the correct path. 

With more than 600 completed projects, our company is more than able to assist in the transformation of your business. We shall guide you as to what the current best practices are, as well as implement business-tailored solutions to optimize your Salesforce experience. Our consulting services include the necessary training to help your team adopt the technology and to make better decisions while using the platform.


CRM & Technology Advising

Obtain the necessary assistance in evaluating the current status of your business as well as analyze the software currently in use. With our experience and standardized best practices, we shall help transform your business. Elevate your business’ productivity, sales, and reduce costs along the way with a business-tailored strategy

Salesforce Implementation Services

Evaluate the results within your business with a Salesforce implementation designed to meet your needs. We are aware that an implementation of this scale may take some time which is why we’ll provide the optimum implementation based on the needs and characteristics of your business. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you through this journey.

Salesforce Quickstart Packages

Start using Salesforce within just a few weeks. With the guidance of our experts, you will receive a personalized configuration and assistance in a rapid and efficient manner. We will guide you on the best usage of the platform in order to form a solid knowledge base that will allow you to scale the use of Salesforce without any difficulties.

Salesforce Training & User Adoption

Help your employees unlock the full potential of Salesforce by attending our personalized trainings. Our training programs were built with the intent of preparing users and increasing their awareness of the benefits provided by the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Optimization & Support

Be more efficient and productive in your company. We will keep you up-to-date regarding Salesforce’s latest products and innovations in order to apply that knowledge to improve your business. Our optimization and support services will improve your current solutions and allow for scaling at a much lower cost.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions within your company much faster. Our expertise allows us to modernize your current business intelligence tools and convert your data into relevant information, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business

Sales Cloud

Let's get your team selling.

Your team should be spending more time selling and less time struggling to log their daily activity. To get there, we’re going to work hand in hand with you to understand the organization’s goals, identify where your team is experiencing friction within the sales process, and set you up for success.

Whether its customizing fields, creating workflows, or automating business processes we will ensure that we maximize the CRM capabilities you expect from Salesforce and enable the features you need to grow revenue, boost productivity, and increase visibility. 


We make sure your Salesforce platform is built to inform and enable your business strategy.

Data Analysis

Monitor and analyze meaningful KPIs to keep your business on track.


We make sure your Salesforce platform is built to inform and enable your business strategy.


Implement training that increases adoption and knowhow.

Service Cloud

Connect teams and support customers on their terms.

One of the best ways to generate more revenue from current clients is to nail support.

Your ability to respond and resolve customer issues on the first call, provide extended support hours, and provide access to experts are critical to minimize client churn. The problem you’re facing is your teams all use different tools for different specialties.

Our team can help you integrate your preferred support tools with Service Cloud to keep all your support functions on the same page – keeping you on track and connected with customers when they need you the most. 


Unhappy with your current CRM solution? Still working off of spreadsheets? Let's fix that.

Monitor SLA's

Keep track and monitor SLA's across your customer base.

Connected Ecosystem

Design workflows and build connections that keep critical teams connected.

Sales Cycle

Find out what is slowing down your sales cycle and fix the issue for good.

We help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce

Managed Services

Maximize your Salesforce ROI.

Strategic planning

From executive goal setting workshops to business process reviews, building out a Salesforce Org is serious business. We’ll help you from roadmapping to long-term value realization.

Salesforce optimization

You’ve had Salesforce for a few years and you have technical debt, unused functionality, and numerous missed opportunities. Let us help you merge new functionality with old to harmonize your business processes.

Ongoing enhancements

You’ve implemented a process that has evolved, your Salesforce org should too. We can manage your backlog refinement, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery so you can provide more transparency to leadership and beyond.

Technical experts and industry specialists

As great as they are, your admin can’t be a jack of all trades. Our team of Salesforce (and other technology!) experts can provide technical support to help your admin thrive.

Lightning Migration

The migration to Lightning doesn’t have to be big and scary. You can keep it small or you can transform your business, either way, with managed services you can choose how the transition impacts your organization.

Integration updates and support

Don’t wait for updates when real-time synchronization is at your fingertips. We can help with integration monitoring, troubleshooting, custom API integrations, and more.


Salesforce is powered by data. We’ll make sure you’re properly documenting integrations, validation, MDM, and storage review — and that you have the right backup policies in place.

Center of Excellence

Putting structure around how organizations align IT strategy with business strategy is no small task. Our team can help build out a COE that ensures you can stay on track to achieve your goals and measure performance with valuable KPIs.

Quarterly business reviews

In the spirit of partnership, we hold ourselves accountable so you don’t have to. We work with you to set goals, review KPIs, business impact, trends in the market, and follow up with future roadmap prioritization and planning.

Development Operations

Drive productivity and eliminate overhead with Salesforce devops best practices. Our Salesforce devops maturity model guides you through the stages of crawl, walk, and run in support of your entire Org.

Analytics, reports and dashboards

Get a bird’s eye-view of your business with the click of a button. You’ll gain access to reports and dashboards custom-built for your business to show you the metrics that really matter.

Marketing Automation

Design and create the ideal journeys for your prospects and clients. Get help with Pardot and Marketing Cloud from Silverline’s marketing automation experts.

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