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Salesforce Consulting Services

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At DuxburyTech we offer Salesforce consulting services aimed to kickstart your company’s growth, either by implementing a new business-tailored solution or improving an existing implementation. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your business processes in order to fully understand your business’ main problems and challenges. We shall examine all provided data and explore alternatives with the
intent of providing you with recommendations to optimize business processes and reach your goals in a more efficient manner.

Our consulting services are aimed at optimizing your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Regardless of industry, you can count on certified professionals and countless years of experience to guide you along the correct path. 

With more than 600 completed projects, our company is more than able to assist in the transformation of your business. We shall guide you as to what the current best practices are, as well as implement business-tailored solutions to optimize your Salesforce experience. Our consulting services include the necessary training to help your team adopt the technology and to make better decisions while using the platform.


CRM & Technology Advising

Obtain the necessary assistance in evaluating the current status of your business as well as analyze the software currently in use. With our experience and standardized best practices, we shall help transform your business. Elevate your business’ productivity, sales, and reduce costs along the way with a business-tailored strategy

Salesforce Implementation Services

Evaluate the results within your business with a Salesforce implementation designed to meet your needs. We are aware that an implementation of this scale may take some time which is why we’ll provide the optimum implementation based on the needs and characteristics of your business. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you through this journey.

Salesforce Quickstart Packages

Start using Salesforce within just a few weeks. With the guidance of our experts, you will receive a personalized configuration and assistance in a rapid and efficient manner. We will guide you on the best usage of the platform in order to form a solid knowledge base that will allow you to scale the use of Salesforce without any difficulties.

Salesforce Training & User Adoption

Help your employees unlock the full potential of Salesforce by attending our personalized trainings. Our training programs were built with the intent of preparing users and increasing their awareness of the benefits provided by the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Optimization & Support

Be more efficient and productive in your company. We will keep you up-to-date regarding Salesforce’s latest products and innovations in order to apply that knowledge to improve your business. Our optimization and support services will improve your current solutions and allow for scaling at a much lower cost.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions within your company much faster. Our expertise allows us to modernize your current business intelligence tools and convert your data into relevant information, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business


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We are DuxburyTech, a boutique Salesforce Partner headquartered in New York. Since our inception in 2012, we have built a team of passionate and thoughtful experts who have put tremendous effort into achieving great results for our clients. Contact us today and find out what it means to Experience Excellence.